Letter From the Board

Happy New Year,

WOW! 2024 is here.  We can’t wait for a wonderful year.  Here is a couple of impact stories to share with you from our grant recipients:

“THANK YOU so very much for the generous check and book!! It arrived today!!! It all makes such a big difference and helps in so many ways. Ann L.”

“I really appreciate your assistance and the money provided will assist with bills I have fallen behind on. I have started reading the book you sent, and my son has decided he wants to read it as well. Thank you for all that you do. Sonji

“Well, when I got my diagnosis of DCIS Stage 0 breast cancer. I thought I would be able to have a less complicated surgery. Instead, I found out I also had a mutated gene called PALB2.  So eventually with advice from my breast oncologist and not wanting another breast cancer later I made the tough choice to get a double mastectomy.  I knew I would need time off work and I’m not offered paid time off. So, I began researching breast cancer grants and assistance.  I came across your local grant and decided to apply!  I’m using the money for medical bills and for support while I’m off work.  I do appreciate your generosity and encourage other people to apply for local grants.  Thanks, Jennifer”

Here is an update on what CBCAF has been up to for 2023.  The following business’ have teamed up with us during Breast Cancer Awareness Month or raised additional money:

  • Broomfield Police Department
  • Pioneer Sand and Gravel
  • Euflora
  • Pinky’s Up Golf Tournament
  • Poudre Open Golf Tournament
  • Hilary De Cesare: Book: Relaunch Your Heart to Spark Your Life

We raised over $30,000 outside of the tournament!!

In February we put on a Pickleball Challenge with 55 players and raised over $8000.

Also, we have written checks for over $65,000 for women needing financial assistance and writing more grants then ever. We are still working on getting the word out for the grant application process.  What we have found is that nurse navigators are great advocates and connection to talk with their patients.

We want to express our gratitude to you for our tournament sponsors and helping to create a recognizable brand that helped us raise money outside of the golf tournament.  This has been a team effort from the beginning.  So, thank you so very much!

We look forward to your continued support and sponsorship for 2023.  Last year we ran out of golfer spots for sponsors, so we want to give the early registration to our sponsors so that doesn’t happen again.


Be on the look out for another email in February with more news information!

With Gratitude,

Scot, Tina and CBCAF Team

Colorado Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation



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