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DONATED MORE THAN $45,000 to people needing financial assistance in Colorado!

Dear Scot, Much thanks to you and your wife for the donation. It was an immense help! I’m so grateful and thanks for your work in creating this nonprofit. I love the book! Deborah K

Hi Scot,
I received the incredible book and the grant check in my mailbox today. Thank you so very much! The sweet note that Tina wrote in the book got me to tears. I was going to see if there was a number, I could reach out to you for Tina or even an email? I just wanted to thank her and connect with her. I can’t tell you how much it means to my family to have that extra financial cushion right now. Thank you times a million!

Thank you so much! I absolutely love connecting with survivors as I feel like I draw a new light and inspiration from each of them and I love sharing my story as well and listening to other women stories. I think I speak for the entire breast cancer community when I say the work you guys do is invaluable and so beyond appreciated! Thank you for recognizing the hardships that survivors face- not just when we are going through active treatment. Brenda O

“Scot & Tina, Thank you so much for your generous gift of blessing us with the grant money. The timing is amazing as I have a test on Monday, and this will help cover the cost! Thank you for your encouraging words and positive energy you are sending our way! Donnie”

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the generous gift you gave me. Your gift has taken a weight off my shoulders with my upcoming bills. I cannot thank you enough for this blessing. The timing of your gift is amazing. I have a doctor appointment on Monday, and this will cover most of what I will owe. Thank you again for this blessing. Wishing you a very wonderful weekend filled with many blessings.

“Your check has really helped make a difference! Thank you for being there for all of us. As you know it is a battle. I am almost through the chemotherapy then on to the next thing. I appreciate the book also. Keep up your efforts. Enjoy the holiday season! Sincerely and Grateful, Anne”

“I have received the grant check. I cannot thank you enough for this. It definitely eases the stress level for a minute. This year has been beyond terrible for me. I have one more “cleanup” procedure in front of me to treat an area the cancer had been and my chemo continues through May 2023. Although I feel I will come out on the other side, all the surgery and treatment has been taking its toll on my body and mind. Fortunately I have the 2 best dogs in the world that I credit with keeping me alive this year. They insist on walking me twice a day and with their help, I am slowly gaining my strength back. I hope to be able to return to work sometime next year. It’s a hell of a thing for me to not physically be able to work, even an office job. I would have never believed I would be brought to my knees like this.

The gift of the book Anti Cancer honestly made me cry. I look forward to reading it and gaining some new positive perspective on moving forward with my life.

Thank you for what you do. I appreciate you very much.” Brenda

“THANK YOU so very much for the generous check and book!! It arrived today!!! It all makes such a big difference and helps in so many ways. Ann L.”

“I really appreciate your assistance and the money provided will assist with bills I have fallen behind on. I have started reading the book you sent, and my son has decided he wants to read it as well. Thank you for all that you do. Sonji “

“Well, when I got my diagnosis of DCIS Stage 0 breast cancer. I thought I would be able to have a less complicated surgery. Instead, I found out I also had a mutated gene called PALB2.  So eventually with advice from my breast oncologist and not wanting another breast cancer later I made the tough choice to get a double mastectomy.  I knew I would need time off work and I’m not offered paid time off. So, I began researching breast cancer grants and assistance.  I came across your local grant and decided to apply!  I’m using the money for medical bills and for support while I’m off work.  I do appreciate your generosity and encourage other people to apply for local grants.  Thanks, Jennifer”

“Thank you so much for your support and financial assistance.  It really helped me to make the payments on my bills this month!” Stacy

Just weeks before my 27th birthday I was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine MRI. I was BRCA 2 positive and was simply being monitored closely. Well aware of my family history I thought it would be best to be cautious. I could have never suspected that the very first MRI would reveal that I already had breast cancer in my left breast. Shortly after being diagnosed, I underwent a double mastectomy, egg fertilization, four rounds of chemotherapy and reconstruction. While the journey I would never wish on anyone has been something I have not only come to honor but the way my heart has softened I would not trade for a second. While breast cancer is a part of my story, I am a proud daughter, aunt, mother and wife. I am a three time Tour De Pink rider and honored to be part of this organization. 

Brittany was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in May 2019 at the age of 35. While a cancer diagnosis is never easy, Brittany credits cancer with giving her the opportunity to see the very best side of humanity. She was deeply impacted by the kindness and support she received from strangers and various non-profits. Her work with CBCAF is one of the ways she is able to pay forward all the generosity she was shown in her time of need.
Brittany and her sister, Courtney (also a breast cancer survivor), are also responsible for launching a study into Young Breast Cancer in Colorado. (link to ) View their CBS4 News Story here. (link: )

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