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Application Process

Applications are due by the 10th of each month. At that time they will be reviewed by the board. A determination will be made and an email or letter sent to the applicant by the first week of the following month regarding the final determination of the application.

An incomplete application will not be reviewed nor funded.

Application checklist

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Please print and use the checklist as you prepare and submit your application. You can apply more than once. Each application will be evaluated at the time of submission.

Email and scan completed application and all documents to or mail the completed forms to: Colorado Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, 14081 W 72nd Ave, Arvada CO 80005

There is one document to be filled out online.

  1. Personal Information
    • _____ Application checklist (this page) (Please text Scot @ 303-810-9255 with your name so that we ensure the application doesn’t end up in SPAM folder)
    • _____ A copy of your driver’s or state issued picture ID (address must match application form)
    • _____ A signed and dated letter from your employer (company letterhead) verifying your current employment or leave status compared to your pre-diagnosis status.
    • _____ Online application form (below)
    • _____ Pertinent Financial information: Income and expenses.
  2. Medical Information
    • _____ Medical Verification Form to be filled out and submitted by a medical professional. Click link above and print.
    • _____ A signed and dated letter (on letterhead) verifying your current diagnosis and detailing your treatment plan from one of the following: Oncologist, Licensed Social Worker, Patient Navigator, Nurse Navigator

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